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Age appearance: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 162.56cm (5'4'')

Weight: 58.9 kg (130)

Species: Country rep. of Spain

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♥Lupe Aina Carriedo - Gakuen Student!Spain
♥Clarisa Elicia Carriedo - Dancer!Spain
♥Abella Felipe Carriedo - Chibi!Spain
♥Marta Lita Carriedo - Insane!Spain
♥Carmen Dulche Carriedo - Conquistador(a)! Spain
♥Isabel Juanita Carriedo- 2p! Fem Spain
♥Bibiana Charo Carriedo- Faery Fem Spain
♥Elicia Ibbie Carriedo- Goddess!Fem Spain
♥Rosita Martita Carriedo- Pole dancer/Stripper! Fem Spain
♥Nohemi Perla Carriedo- Blind! Fem Spain
♥Odalis Sara Carriedo- Half!Neko! Fem Spain
♥Felipe Elma Fernandez-Carriedo- Princess! Fem Spain
♥Estela Idoya Fernandez-Carriedo- Red Police(woman)! Fem Spain
♥Gracie Juanita Fernandez-Carriedo- Cardverse! Fem Spain
♥Penelope Valentina Fernandez-Carriedo- Omegaverse! Fem Spain
♥Sarita Fernandez-Carriedo- Model! Fem Spain
♥Marcelina- Fishtalia! Fem Spain
♥Esperanza- Ghost! Fem Spain
♥Tori- Sweet Devil! Fem Spain
♥Ramira- Teacher! Fem Spain
♥Adelina- Birdtalia! Fem Spain
♥Lola-HitLady! Fem Spain
♥Luisa-Matadora! Fem Spain
♥Marita-SteamPunk! Fem Spain
♥Xena-Delphox! Fem Spain
♥Jacinta-DragonTalia! Fem Spain



Fem-SpainRp's Profile Picture
With a smile as sunlight
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Anita is a 5 foot 4 inch ball of dork (shorter than Male!Spain), and has long hair a shade lighter than his that reaches to her hips. It's usually pulled up, but she lets it out when swimming, partying or sleeping. Her eyes vary from a pine-like color to a grassy color. Anita has a petit body but muscles and curves in the right places, having inherited the coveted "Spanish ass" which she puts to use when dancing. She's a large C-cup, a few sizes away from a D. Small, nimble feet but very long fingers and large palms. A few scars here and there and same skin tone as Antonio.

Anita is exactly what you'd expect from a Spanish woman. She's very social, polite, and has a friendly aura. Her history wasn't always the kindest, but she tries to fix the future by being so much kinder than her past. Actually pretty old, she sometimes pulls a 'ignore the atmosphere' move which can lead her to say or do brash things or come off as insensitive, though she isn't really like that. Children love her and she loves children, as well as animals, all in all a sweet, well-rounded woman. Religiously, she's a Catholic, but not as religious as she used to be, sometimes she'll go to mass and other times she won't. To be honest, she's not all that sure on her ticket to heaven anyway, if countries can even do that. Highly family oriented, and quite the romantic.
Disclaimer: the art belongs to

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The sun was bright on this early morning. The empire of Carthage had invaded the Iberian Peninsula in hopes of expanding his great empire, like all the other ancients around him. With him he brought a young girl, dressed in all black to conceal all her skin other than her hair and her eyes. The eyes were portals to the soul, her her's was the shade of the magical desert sands. The young girl tied her hair back in a braid, then explored this new place that was filled with sunshine and life.
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(( Ack so late in writing this DX, but here is the Italian honeymoon trip c:. Also, Happy Valentine's day my friend! 8D )

Lovino grinned at his new bride, holding her hand tightly as they walked through the city. The sights of Rome made his heart lite, it was good to be home again..and with the woman he loved the most. His new wife.  Smiling he kissed her cheek, "How do you like Roma mi amo?~"
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